Intelligent Tassel Inspector System

Artificial intelligence-based emasculation detection scheme


Drone Capture
Drone Capture Picture
Picture Upload
Picture upload to the emasculation monitoring system
Result Feedback
Real-time feedback of emasculation test results
Coordinate Sharing
GPS coordinate sharing of target tassel
Target Removal
Mobile navigation, target tassel removal

Intelligent Tassel Inspector System


Function Brief Introduction

The emasculation detection system is the world's first and so far the only intelligent detection system for corn emasculation that is applied to actual production. It is accurate, efficient, economical, fast and convenient, and improves the efficiency of detection operations by 4 to 8 times. It has exceeded 10 times in the world. Used or tested in various countries or regions. It has been highly praised by the industry and widely used.

Basil Longping Product Application Vase

The 2 hours for plots are reduced to 15 minutes; the detection accuracy is compared with the manual to meet the production standard requirements; the detection speed is fast, more than 100 images can be uploaded and detected within 10 minutes; the overall emasculation detection efficiency is increased by 5-20 times; emasculation detection Data platformization, visualization, the company's production management efficiency is significantly improved

Intelligent Tassel Inspector System Advantage

  • Improve worker productivity, reduce labor dependence and labor costs
  • Improve the number of testing samples and regional coverage
  • Improve the accuracy and objectivity of emasculation detection
  • Real-time estimation of seed purity
  • Real-time result feedback, shorten policy decision time
The emasculation detection can automatically identify 99% of the tassels in the picture
Intelligent Tassel Inspector System

Intelligent Tassel Inspector System Features


The Tassel Recognition Rate Exceeds 99%

  • Support interactive fine-tuning and confirmation
  • Support flower bud recognition (recognition rate over 90%) and remnant ear recognition
  • Dynamic adjustment of sensitivity to balance false detection and missed detection
  • Automatically hide male parent line

Strong Plot Management Function

  • Flexible report presentation
  • Support unlimited sampling
  • Increase inspection coverage rate and accuracy with minimal cost
  • Support manual calibration and model self-training