Mist Spray System

Accurate, Efficient, Ambient Temperature Mist

The Mist Spray System independently developed by EAVision perfectly integrates the techniques of centrifugation, gas-liquid mixing, and ultrasound to compress liquids down to 20 microns for ideal crop coverage.

Smaller Size Droplets for Greater Penetration

water droplet size

Adjustable Droplet Size

Modify droplet size from 20 - 250 microns to best suit different crop needs.

wind mobility icon

Wind Mobility

With reduced sizes, the droplets can suspend in the air for longer and follow the wind's direction for better penetration.

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Captures Entire Surface

Reaches even the back of leaves to attack pests that are missed in traditional spray systems.

Precise and Adjustable Flow Rate

With EAVision Technology, we achieve real-time flow rate matching across all nozzles to ensure a balanced flow rate throughout the system. Flow rate can be adjusted as needed without changing droplet size to accommodate a larger variety of crops.

Optimize Chemical Properties with Lower Health Risk

Increased temperatures modify chemical properties and lower their performance. As such, our Mist Spray System ensures a consistent ambient temperature to maintain chemical properties and spread it optimally.

With compatibility to a variety of spraying machinery, the Mist Spray System can function autonomously and require no human contact with hazardous liquids. The system can spray a variety of pesticides, including wettable powder.

Operate Efficiently for 0.8 Hectare/Hour

The Mist Spray System has a low voltage and consumes minimal energy allowing it to efficiently operate across fruit trees. Along with its small size, light weight, and minimal noise, the Mist Spray System makes a perfect addition to any spraying machinery.

Mist Spray System Set Includes

CCMS Driver Module


  • Output for atomization module and flow control water pump, which can be controlled by manual operation or remote communication
  • Electrical Parameters

  • Power supply voltage of 48 V or 24 V
  • Rated power of 500 W
  • Communication Interface

  • RS232, CAN bus
  • Spraying Control

  • Flow range of 50-1000 mL/min
  • Diameter of 20 - 250 microns (adjustable)
  • Shape Structure

  • Size 105 x 65 x 45 mm
  • Weight 200 g

CCMS Atomization Module

    Shape Structure

  • Size 125 x 105 x 105 mm
  • Weight 500 g
  • Noise

  • > 50 decibels

CCMS Flow Control Water Pump

    Shape Structure

  • Size 105 x 64 x 60 mm
  • Weight 280 g