Tassel Inspector

Drone and AI Based Solution to Automate Tassel Inspection

A sophisticated system with AI, software, and hardware components integrated together to deliver an end-to-end detasseling automated solution. Sample an unlimited number of spots to increase inspection coverage and accuracy with absolute minimal cost.

Let Drones and AI Do the Work

In 4 easy steps, you get tassel inspection results on your browser within minutes.
It serves the full workflow of tassel detection and localization, sends notifications, provides navigation, and assists with tassel removal.

Drone flies over corn field

Take Drone Photos

Using a drone, sample your corn field with pictures.

Tassel Inspector site

Upload Images

Upload the pictures from an SD card to our Tassel Inspector site.

GoogleMap location of the upload images on Tassel Inspector site

View Results

Within minutes your results are displayed on the browser.

Corn field closeup image

Take Action

Share and use your result page as a map to guide you to the detected tassel locations.

Single Software
Multiple Inspections

In a single upload, multiple detections can be visualized.


of tassels in images captured.


of busha* is captured.

Results within minutes.

Ideal for all sizes

from large corn plantations such as centerpivots in Brazil and the United States to even small corn fields in South Eastern Asia and China.

*tassels that have not emerged from wrapping leaves captured

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Dynamically adjusts sensitivity to balance between false positives and recalls. Allows manual fine-tuning for further training of the system.

Busha in a corn field image identified by yellow rectangles

Increased Efficiency*

time icon

Reduce from 2 hours to 15 minutes per 100 hectares

upload icon

Process all uploaded images in less than 10 minutes

increased productivity icon

Increase productivity by 5 to 8 times than previously

*From research conducted on the improved performance of our Brazilian clients