Weinan Orchard Agricultural Machinery Promotion Conference, EAvision UAV made a wonderful appearance

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On July 15th, the promotion on-site meeting of Weinan orchard mechanized spray prevention technology was successfully held in Linwei District. This conference was jointly organized by the Weinan Agricultural Mechanization Development Center and the Municipal Fruit Industry Development Center. Suzhou EAvision Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou EAvision") takes intelligent plant protection drones as its main product and participated in this technology promotion meeting. More than 120 people, including relevant leaders of Weinan city and county agriculture, agricultural machinery, and fruit industry departments, related companies, professional cooperatives, and media reporters attended the meeting.


Promotion meeting scene

At the demonstration site of the orchard, the participating agricultural machinery and equipment were neatly arranged. The staff explained in detail and demonstrated on-site. The EAvision intelligent plant protection drone demonstrated its advantages in autonomous obstacle avoidance, mist spraying, and binocular visual three-dimensional perception in the demonstration session. Unanimous praise from customers.


Demo site


UAV demonstration site

Weinan, as the "fruit plate" of the Three Qin lands, is a concentrated production area and eugenic area for apples, grapes, winter dates, red grapes and other fruits. The fruit area reaches 3.86 million mu. The income from orchard production is also one of the important ways for farmers to increase income. Orchard mechanization is one of the effective means to help the development of fruit industry improve quality and efficiency, enhance the supply capacity of efficient, economical, and green orchard production machinery, and promote the effective combination of agricultural machinery and orchard planting technology through diversified models.

Subsequently, at the training meeting on mechanized spray prevention technology for orchards, Suzhou EAvision Dr. Dong Xuesong gave a lecture on "Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft and Intelligent Development Prospects". , Normal temperature mist spraying, safe and convenient operation" and other advantages, demonstrated the technological innovation achievements of drones to the participants.


Training meeting site

The on-site meeting for the promotion of orchard mechanized spray prevention technology will showcase advanced forestry and fruit industry mechanized spray prevention technology, which will promote the promotion and application of new technologies and new machines in fruit production, improve the efficiency of forestry and fruit industry development, promote the overall development of agricultural mechanization, and promote the transformation of agricultural machinery Upgrade to improve the level of modern mechanization in Weinan.


In June 2016, Suzhou EAvision Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Suzhou Industrial Park, and established technology, data and agricultural R&D centers in Silicon Valley, Wuhan, Hubei, and Xinxiang, Henan. The company is committed to the application of data, technology and product R&D and manufacturing in the field of machine vision in high-precision and high-speed inspection fields such as agricultural services, power inspections and rail transit.

In 2018, it launched a three-dimensional environment perception system and an unmanned driving technology platform (EAV Platform) with binocular vision as the core, and pioneered the application of intelligent ground simulation and intelligent obstacle avoidance operations in the field of agricultural plant protection, and launched the world's first E-A10 series of intelligent plant protection drones with global perception (E-A10/ E-A10M). In 2019, EAvision E-A2020 series of plant protection UAVs were launched. The E-A2020 series of plant protection UAVs adopt the world's leading binocular vision perception technology, which can complete precise autonomous flight operations in various complex environments without surveying and mapping. With the industry's first normal temperature mist spray system, it can accurately and efficiently complete the flight control operations of various crops, especially high-stalk and fruit crops, and provide leading professional plant protection drones for professional flight control.

EAvision has a huge lineup of world-class R&D teams, including well-known experts in various industries such as machine vision, flight control, artificial intelligence, computer software and hardware, and agricultural plant protection from 7 countries. The company is committed to applying higher-precision, higher-speed, and more professional detection technology to products to escort a high-quality life.