Gengma's first drone pilot training class officially opens

发布时间:2021-03-19 17:52:43

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Recently, Suzhou EAvision Robot Technology Co., Ltd., together with Yunnan Zichen Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Hongfeng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., held the opening ceremony of "Gengma EAvision UAV Driver Training Course" in Gengma.


△Opening ceremony scene

EAVision improve the level of sugarcane pest control and mechanized application, and promote the healthy development of the cane sugar industry. Further improve the comprehensive ability of plant protection services for the sugar industry in Gengma County, and realize the professionalization and localization of the UAV plant protection team.

It is reported that this training is based on the two consecutive years of large-scale secondary joint defense of plant protection drones in the Gengma sugarcane area, and is aimed at realizing the professionalization and localization of the drone plant protection team and driving local youth employment. The goal is to conduct the first large-scale drone pilot training. The curriculum is scientific, reasonable, and detailed. The curriculum includes aviation regulations, drone system composition, basic flight theory, plant protection flight standards, pesticide basics, plant protection basics, and indoor simulation Flight training and outdoor field operations are the first large-scale plant protection drone pilot training in Gengma's history.


△The person in charge of JiMu Yunnan explained on-site

EAvision Robot Technology Co., Ltd. opened the first EAvision UAV training course in Gengma. The purpose is to improve the local employability and train local pilots. At the same time, it will introduce high-tech products such as EAvision Robot to Gengma. The sugar cane industry does better services.


△Training site

In order to improve the level of sugarcane pest control and the application of mechanized plant protection in Gengma, Yunnan, the local plant protection ability to prevent flying away can be better guaranteed. After the training, the local plant protection service capability of Gengma will be further improved, and the professional development of UAV plant protection will be carried out. The successful holding of this training course will surely realize the scale, specialization and localization of UAV plant protection, and provide better and better services for the emergency prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests and sugarcane production in Gengma and surrounding areas in the future.


△group photo

EAvision Robot has realized multi-rotor UAV perception control platform (EAP), low-speed outdoor environment unmanned vehicle perception control platform (EGP), high-precision image detection platform (EPP)), which solves the practical application of binocular vision. Industry common problems such as ghosting, glare, focusing, and real-time calibration. Professional plant protection personnel from Mikado share their professional flight and plant protection knowledge. Through this training, farmers will become plant protection drone operators, using scientific and technological means to realize agricultural operations and reduce the burden of plant protection in agricultural development.

In June 2016, Suzhou EAvision Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Suzhou Industrial Park, and established technology, data and agricultural R&D centers in Silicon Valley, Wuhan, Hubei, and Xinxiang, Henan. The company is committed to the application of data, technology and product R&D and manufacturing in the field of machine vision in high-precision and high-speed inspection fields such as agricultural services, power inspections and rail transit.

In 2018, it launched a three-dimensional environment perception system and an unmanned driving technology platform (EAV Platform) with binocular vision as the core, and pioneered the application of intelligent ground simulation and intelligent obstacle avoidance operations in the field of agricultural plant protection, and launched the world's first E-A10 series of intelligent plant protection drones with global perception (E-A10/ E-A10M). In 2019, EAvision E-A2020 series of plant protection UAVs were launched. The E-A2020 series of plant protection UAVs adopt the world's leading binocular vision perception technology, which can complete precise autonomous flight operations in various complex environments without surveying and mapping. With the industry's first normal temperature mist spray system, it can accurately and efficiently complete the flight control operations of various crops, especially high-stalk and fruit crops, and provide leading professional plant protection drones for professional flight control.

EAvision has a huge lineup of world-class R&D teams, including well-known experts in various industries such as machine vision, flight control, artificial intelligence, computer software and hardware, and agricultural plant protection from 7 countries. The company is committed to applying higher-precision, higher-speed, and more professional detection technology to products to escort a high-quality life.