Use of Agricultural Drone for application of leaf products in soybean crop and its advantages in increasing productivity

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The soybean productivity contest in Brazil is held by CESB – Strategic Soy Committee in Brazil, where it aims to stimulate producers to increase their productivity, improving agricultural management carried out in the area from soil preparation, soil correction, choice of certified varieties, better plantability, decrease in production losses caused during the plant cycle,  improvement in pest, disease and weed control, application technology, choice of efficient products, effective harvesting and more sustainability, respecting all environmental legislative standards.

With this, the company Ubyfol in partnership with producer Roberto Rossetti, with the co-cooperative Copercana and the application technology company Eavision, enrolled the soybean area of Sítio Pau D'alho in the contest, since the producer has the investment profile in technology and seeks to achieve better productivity, in addition to its area having high soil fertility,  which contributes to better results.

The application of agricultural pesticides and leaf nutrition is usually done by tractors with spray tanks, which causes a certain squeathing of soybeans, where the wheels of the machines pass, strongly damaging these plants, which are unable to finish their cycle, since this problem occurs, most of the time, with the larger soybean and in the final stages of their life . There are data of losses of 10% of productivity in total area, due to this flaking of plants or even death of them.

Thus, since the competition aims at greater productivity, all applications of agricultural pesticides and leaf nutrition products of UBYFOL were carried out via agricultural drone from EAVISION, which made it possible to eliminate these losses caused by the machines. 

Within the advantages of the use of the agricultural drone, we can verify the elimination of soybean snores, speed in application, certainty of product contact with the plant, lower drift, better range, better assertiveness in targets (fungi, insects or weeds), thus, less product loss and gains in the effectiveness of applications. In addition to the possibility of performing the applications on more defined dates, since they are fast, thus hitting the exact moment that the plant needs the products, especially for nutrition that should be applied at the exact stage, for better contribution with their metabolic processes.

Another operational advantage was the syrup of products made, which does not need to be large, facilitating handling and no leftovers, avoiding waste, improper use of products and improving the sustainability of the environment. In addition, the fact of decreasing the drifts, do not let the products affect the surrounding nature, forests, animals, plantations, springs or rivers.

After harvest, there was a gain of 4 bags/hectare, in relation to the standard areas of the producer, since the price of the soybean bag is R$ 175.00 (25/04/2022), we had a gain of R$ 700.00/hectare. If we subtract the value of the drone/hectare application (R$ 200.00) and the use of nutrition products that were used beyond the producer standard (R$ 90.00), we will gain a gain from its standard of R$ 410.00/ hectare, that is, if the producer uses in a  total area of 100 hectares the use of ubyfol + application via agricultural drone EAVISION,  will have a gain of R$ 41,000.00.

It is concluded that the use of the agricultural drone, effectively helped in the improvement of leaf application in the crop, helping to increase productivity, generating for the producer more profitability.