How EAVISION Drone Sprayer are Helping Precision Agriculture in Brazil

发布时间:2022-11-15 10:13:08

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With the help of artificial intelligence, drones can autonomously conduct complex terrain mapping and plant protection spraying, and according to Agrishow exhibitors, the growth will reach 600 million reais in the next three years.

Resource conservation, especially pesticide conservation, is one of the important issues for Brazilian agricultural planting companies, which can not only save costs, promote sustainable development of enterprises, but also reduce the impact on the environment and people. The emergence of plant protection drones provides Brazilian agricultural enterprises and farmers with more modern plant protection solutions, which can perform high-precision operations more efficiently and flexibly, and provide better protection for crop harvests.

Julio Pignata, Sales Director of EAVISION Brazil, said: "In order to develop more intelligent and efficient plant protection drones, EAVISION has only invested four years in research and development. After consolidating the market in China, Japan, India, Turkey and other countries, We entered the Brazilian market and worked with our partners to verify the intelligence of the EAVISION drone and the practicality of the mist nozzle."

EAVISION Intelligent Plant Protection UAV is easy to operate, can complete tasks safely and efficiently, and can detect obstacles in complex terrain. In addition to spraying, it can also help to delineate areas, conduct mapping, and determine crop disease and pest conditions. EAVISION drone applies binocular vision technology to solve the world-class common problems of binocular vision in complex outdoor environments, ghosting, sunlight interference/glare, high-speed computing, real-time calibration, etc. in the actual application process.

"At present, in the field of plant protection, the service market will have an advantage based on the quality and availability of drones. When producers need drones, drones can operate at any time, which is more flexible and efficient than large machinery." ARPAC ( Agrishow exhibitor) CEO Eduardo Goerl said.

In 2022, we will provide a complete "EAVISION service" in the Brazilian market, with one-stop pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. For users who want to buy and operate spray drones by themselves, EAVISION will arrange personnel to conduct theoretical and practical training for users, and assist users to apply for a pilot certificate issued by the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC). The drone can be operated autonomously.

EAVISION Drone Sprayer Training 

For users who take a wait-and-see attitude for the time being, we can also provide full-fledged plant protection and flight defense services. With the increasing influence of EAVISION plant protection drones in the Brazilian market, the demand for farm flight defense has increased, and the scale of the flight defense service team has continued to expand, and the number of aircraft held has more than tripled compared to last year.

Brazil is a major producer of economic crops such as coffee, sugarcane, citrus, etc. EAVISION brings the practical experience of combining the "agrochemical and machine technology" in economic crops into Brazil to help the development of precision agriculture in Brazil, improve the quality of crops for local users, and save costs. , providing a strong guarantee for increasing income.