Drones presented by EAVISION at AGRISHOW expand the high-tech scenario in Agribusiness

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With the growing demand for the use of drones in the field, so does the interest of producers


EAVISION, a global agricultural drone company, was present at Agrishow, held last week in Ribeirão Preto. Operating worldwide since 2016, the company presented high-production drones as its main technology. EAVISION designs and manufactures remotely piloted aircraft suitable for all terrain. The advantages of the drones presented by EAVISION during the Agrishow are: safety, ease of operation, more effectiveness and greater efficiency, ability to detect obstacles in any type of terrain and adaptation to the Brazilian market.


According to EAVISION's sales director Júlio Pignata, Agrishow exceeded all the company's expectations. “Brazilian agribusiness is increasingly interested in the highest technology available on the market. As we work with so-called artificial intelligence integrated into spray drones, with the mist nozzle, the industry has received EAVISION very well,” he explains. Pignata points out that the combination of greater efficiency and greater productivity provided by drones has generated great savings in the field. “That's why drones are already a reality in soybean, sugarcane and corn crops, especially, and our challenge now is to migrate them to other crops as well,” he says.


EAVISION BRAZIL Sales Director Júlio Pignata receives interview

He also points out that the global market for the use of drones is worth more than R$ 6 billion by the year 2025. Three thousand drones. The market is presenting scenarios of differentiated needs and that is why agribusiness has turned its attention to the effect of intelligence control”, he says.


EAVISION BRAZIL Sales Director Júlio Pignata receives interview

EAVISION's CEO Xuesong Dong says that when the company started its work in Silicon Valley, in the United States, precision agriculture was already a growing demand. “Today this is more than the reality of agribusiness. We knew the potential and opportunities and as we present the highest technology to the market, with an excellent after-sales service, the company has conquered its space worldwide since 2016”, he says. “And about the Brazilian market, I can say that it is ready for this technology and that brings us great satisfaction in operating in the country”, he points out.




EAVISION was founded in 2016 and entered the Brazilian market in 2022. With binocular visual perception and AI autonomous control as its core technologies, it develops and manufactures intelligent robots suitable for outdoor complex environments. Artificial intelligence algorithm is the core advantage of EAVISION technology. The company’s R&D team is led by world-renowned automatic control experts. It currently has 53 invention patents, 60 utility model patents, and 17 PCT. The development and application of binocular vision technology solves the problem of binocular vision. Vision is a world-class common problem in complex outdoor environments, ghost images in practical applications, sunlight interference/glare, high-speed computing, and real-time calibration. The company has developed and expanded intelligent machine equipment and software used in many fields and scenarios, involving agriculture, electricity, art identification, medical treatment and rail transportation, among which mechanization and intelligence of agricultural scenes are the main direction of the current pole. At the same time, EAVISION independently developed the world's only commercial corn emasculation test system.