The power of EAVISION Technology Changes the Mode of Agricultural Production

发布时间:2022-04-11 15:31:50

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The main reason for the change of agricultural production mode is the reduction of rural labor force and the older age of workers. Xishuangbanna is in a rainforest climate, frequent precipitation shortens the spraying time, low labor efficiency and poor effect. The use of drones can complete the operation within the short spraying time in the rainy season, and achieve better control effects.


Xishuangbanna is mostly mountainous terrain, and most of the fruit trees are planted on the hillside, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of drone operations. The reason why customers choose EAVISION drone is because of its unique operation in the complex terrain of mountains and hills. EAVISION drone has ultra-low-altitude profiling flight ability, which can adjust the flight height according to the height of the tree canopy, and the flight like tree shape is more It is conducive to the penetration and attachment of drugs, and improves the control effect of leaf back and tree bottom.


In the future, agriculture will be supported by technology to reduce the impact of the natural environment on harvests. The complexity of agricultural planting and plant protection requires that operating tools should be more convenient to operate in addition to good operating results. EAVISION drone focuses on hills and mountains, bringing more possibilities for mountain flight defense.