2022 EAvision Robot "All Things Grow" Science and Technology Annual Conference

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On December 3, 2021, the 2022 EAvision Robot "Everything Grows" Science and Technology Annual Conference will be opened in Suzhou. Adhering to the vision of "the advancement of science and technology is not for the demand of human beings, but for the growth of all things", EAvision is advancing on the road of "all things grow, science and technology become rich", deep plowing the hilly and mountainous economic crops, and is committed to creating more efficient , A more effective whole-process plant protection program.

Looking back at 2021


In 2021, EAvision has made a significant contribution to the application of technology in the field of agriculture and forestry, breaking through the pain points of the industry in the hills and mountains, the complex terrain of agriculture and forestry, and the environment. EAvision Robot cooperated with universities and enterprises for 70 times; conducted 103 trials and demonstrations; a total of 2678 full-process green flight control samples; wrote 61 report articles and promoted the formulation of 5 industry standards, and in-depth exploration of intelligent equipment A total crop solution combined with plant protection technology. It brings a safer and more effective green flight control mode for the majority of agricultural and forestry practitioners. EAvision UAV has become a carrier of the integration of "mechanical agent technology", and in 2021, it will provide green and efficient flying defense for a variety of economic crops across the country.

A new generation of flying defense experts in hills and mountains



△Dr. Wang Xinyu, Chairman of EAvision Robot

Analysis of EA-30X black technology

At this meeting, the participants and the media presented a grand introduction to the new generation of EAvision robots, a new generation of flying defense experts in hills and mountains-EA-30X.


A new generation of EA-30X binocular environment sensing technology, safe and dynamic continuous obstacle avoidance, full coverage of terrain below 90 degrees; a new generation of night navigation lighting system can realize independent operation of binocular day and night; a new generation of CCMS-L20000 dual-peak mist spray nozzle, It penetrates thick canopy crops and significantly increases the amount of medicine carried by the leaves. The three technologies complement each other and aim to focus on the weak links of my country's agricultural hilly mechanization.

Awarding session


Four awards were presented at the conference: Best Marketing Award, Most Potential Award, Most Influential Award, and Special Crop Contribution Award. They are a recognition of the hard work of EAvision people over the past year, and a gratitude to them for their hard work over the past year. Give back.

Global strategy release


Finally, Dr. Calcite, the deputy general manager of EAvision Robotics, announced the global industrial development strategy. With the support of many strategic partners, customers and industrial capital, it will give full play to its technological leadership and industrial collaborative innovation advantages, comprehensively expand overseas markets, and implement the “Belt and Road” initiative. Strategies to facilitate the intelligent upgrade of global agriculture and long-term sustainable and high-quality development.


If you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach a thousand miles. In 2022, EAvision robots will continue to advance on the road of technologically prospering agriculture. After the precipitation in 2021, we will set off again with the EA-30X drone!