EAvision Academy | EAvision After-sales Engineer Approval Meeting Successfully Ended

发布时间:2021-11-17 15:07:19

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Suzhou EAvision Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. organized and carried out the "EAvision After-sales Engineer" review meeting from November 10, 2021 to November 11, 2021. The assessment was organized by EAvision Academy and the customer service department throughout the training and assessment, which has been successfully completed. success.


The scale of the review meeting reached 60 people, including leaders and colleagues such as the after-sales leader of EAvision and key technical service personnel. The main offline conference venue and the online meeting were synchronized. The main purpose of this review meeting was to encourage employees through the assessment. Better perform their responsibilities, ensure the smooth completion of after-sales work, and improve personal work efficiency. This review meeting is not only a test of the employees' personal skills, but also the identification of their professional capabilities. At the same time, the assessment results will be announced to the entire company after the end.

This assessment takes the form of on-site assessment, according to on-site Q&A, assembly and maintenance, and brush writing skills, which will be scored by the assessment team.


The online assessment takes the form of online supervision by the assessment team, and the person in charge of the territory is the examiner.


After the assessment, 54 assessors calculated the final scores of the trainees based on the assessment team. 42 employees passed the assessment this time. The company will issue a superb after-sales engineer qualification, which is also a condition for the company's evaluation.

This time, the technicians of EAvision demonstrated extremely strong professional ability and achieved satisfactory results. EAvision is also actively strengthening and improving the after-sales quality of the market, providing users with complete after-sales services. Use knowledge to light up the future, use skills to achieve dreams, let traditional agriculture plug in the wings of science and technology, and help the country's rural revitalization!