Green flight control|Break through the dilemma of mountain fruit tree plant protection

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Current Status of Plant Protection of Fruit Trees in Mountainous Regions


Current Status and Breakthrough Directions of Plant Protection of Fruit Trees in Mountainous Regions


Plant protection program

Growers have relatively low management skills

The overall plant protection investment is affected by the market

The quality of pesticide manufacturers and medicines varies from good to bad

Most of the pesticides are lost through scattering, drifting, etc., polluting the land and water environment

Drug selection enters a vicious circle

Pesticide formulation

There is a big difference between the various formulations of pesticides,

Powder is still one of the excellent protective agents that cannot be replaced

Plant protection company has a long development cycle for new formulations

Emulsifiable concentrate products are harmful to the young fruit stage of fruit trees and affect the fruit surface

Spraying equipment

The planting environment of mountain orchards is not conducive to mechanization,

Many semi-manual application methods

Cost of medicine and water, low utilization rate of medicine

UAV talks about powder discoloration

Wind farm and liquid chemical distribution problem

Application technology

Half labor, high application cost

Low safety to people, uneven drug delivery


Affected by the weather

Practitioners are not very professional

The average utilization rate of pesticides is relatively low, about 35%

Joint experiment case of EAvision and Bayer Taihang Mountain