Verification of Peach Tree Aphid Drone Sprayer Plant Protection Control

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The annual plant protection management of peach trees makes it very difficult for peach farmers, especially when the local peach aphids (aphids, greasy bugs, oil worms) occur at their peak, which makes peach farmers miserable. Due to the uneven terrain and low level of mechanization in the peach area of Shunping, peach farmers still use traditional manual sprayers or stretcher-type power spray guns to spray pesticides, which not only consumes a lot of water, but also wastes more than half of the pesticides on the leaves of the peach trees. It just fell to the ground, coupled with factors such as insufficient pressure and incomplete spraying, the utilization rate of the medicine was only 30%. In response to the above situation, EAVISION, together with Shunping County Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, Bayer Crop Science (China) Co., Ltd. and other units, carried out the "Research on the Control Effect of Plant Protection UAV Low-volume Spray on Myzus persicae", which solved the problem of aphids for local fruit farmers. prevention problems.

Basic Test Information

1 Test site: Magezhuang Village, Hekou Township, Taihang Mountain, Shunping County, Baoding City, Hebei Province

2 test subjects: aphids

3 Test crops: early-maturing peach trees, the variety is Zaoyan

4 Participating aircraft: EAVISION plant protection drone

5 The number and time of application: 1 application in the peak period of peach tree aphids (April 22, 2021)

Test Drone Parameters

ModelEA-20XFlight altitude (m)2
Spray flow (liter/acre)5Flight speed (m/s)2
Spray Wide (m)4Takeoff altitude (m)5
Atomization level (microns)40

Test Design

ContentApplication methodtest agrochemicalDosage of preparation (g/acre)Active ingredient dosage (g/ha)Water consumption per acre (liter)
AEA-20X70% imidacloprid water dispersible granules (Bayer)303155L
CGround machinery70% imidacloprid water dispersible granules (Bayer)30315200L

1.Time and frequency of investigation: the base number of insect population before spraying and control, and the number of live insects recorded 1, 3, and 7 days after spraying

2. Investigation method: The five-point sampling method was adopted, 2 trees were selected in each plot for investigation, and 5 infested shoots were fixed according to the east, west, south, north, and middle of each tree, and the number of live aphids on the 5 leaves of the tip was investigated for each shoot. A total of 25 leaves were investigated for the number of live fields.

3. Calculation method of drug effect: insect population reduction rate (%) = ((the number of insects before application - the number of insects after application)/the number of insects before application) X100 Control effect (%) = ((the reduction rate of insect population in the treatment area - blank Insect population decline rate in control area)/(100-blank control, area insect population decline rate)) X100

4. Detection of droplet deposition density and coverage: Before spraying, select three trees on the discontinuous route of the diagonal of each plot, and use a stapler to place the upper (top of the canopy), middle ( A piece of water-sensitive paper is arranged in the four directions of the south, south, north and west of the inner layer in the middle of the canopy) and the lower part (the canopy is about 50 cm from the ground); after the spraying, collect the droplet test card and put it in

5.Ziplock bag, use "Depositscan" software to measure droplet density and coverage

Results and Analysis

The results showed that the treatment of EAVISION plant protection drone + Bayer 70% imidacloprid 30 g/mu (group A) was better than the treatment of ground medicine + Bayer 70% imidacloprid water dispersible granules 30 g/mu (group B). control effect. One day after treatment, the control effect of group A was 87.23%, and that of group B was 81.55%. Three days after the drug, the control effect of group A was 95.17%, and that of group B was 86.35%. Seven days after treatment, the control effect of group A was as high as 98.35%, and that of group B was 88.27%.

ContentChemical treatment dosage of preparation (g/acre)Control effect (%)
1 day after3 day after7 day after
AEAVISION Drone Sprayer +
Bayer 70% imidacloprid water dispersible granules 30
BGround medicine equipment + Bayer 70% imidacloprid water dispersible granules 3081.5586.3588.27

The droplets of the EAVISION UAV nozzle are small and dense, the density of droplets is high, and the density of droplets in the lower layer is slightly higher, and the upper, middle and lower parts of the canopy are 151.26 pieces/cm2, 138.42 pieces/cm2, and 163.63 pieces/cm2, respectively.

The results of this test show that the control effect of 70% imidacloprid water-dispersible granules by traditional ground spraying equipment on Myzus persicae is 81.55%-88.27% in 1-7 days after the application. Under the same dosage conditions of preparations , The control effect of EAVISION unmanned aerial vehicle spraying treatment on peach aphid can reach 87.23%-98.35, and the control effect is increased by 7.0%-11.4%. The EAVISION UAV is superior to the traditional spraying method in both the quick effect and the lasting effect of the prevention and control of peach aphid. Due to the high incidence of peach tree aphids, the leaves are curled to the back, which affects photosynthesis, and in severe cases, leaves leaves fall off, which affects the yield and quality of peach trees. Therefore, when applying pesticides in the field, the inner and outer canopies of the entire tree must be thoroughly penetrated to prevent aphids. It was observed in the test that the oblique wind field generated by the EAVISION Plant Protection UAV during the flight can form a fog field around the canopy, and there are good droplets on the water-sensitive paper on the leaves and branches. distribution, which is also one of the reasons for achieving the control effect. In addition, the single-day operation efficiency of EAVISION UAV is not only about 20 times that of ground spraying equipment, but also saves water and medicine, which greatly reduces the difficulty of orchard plant protection operations. A series of plant protection advantages make EAVISION UAV come out on top in the mountain fruit tree area.