How to treat the outbreak of red spider mites in aged thick crown citrus

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Red spider mites are one of the main pests in citrus growing areas. Spring and autumn are its main peak periods. Some fruit farmers will only use one of the best pesticides to kill red spiders, but within a few days of using the agrochemical, red spiders break out again!

"Refractory" has become everyone's deepest impression of Starscream, mainly for the following reasons:

1. Difficult to control

When red spiders break out, there are often four forms of red spiders on a leaf, and most of the single acaricides on the market cannot kill both eggs and eggs, so now there are many compound products, which aggravate the resistance of red spiders.

2. Diverse breeding methods and rapid breeding speed

Under the right conditions, red spider mites can rapidly break out through bisexual and parthenogenetic reproduction, often producing one generation in 5-7 days.

3. Copper preparation stimulation

Copper preparations are often added in the prevention and treatment of citrus canker, and copper preparations can promote egg laying of female mites, promote the growth of young mites, and can kill red spider natural enemies.

4. Strong resistance to frequent medication

Usually, after 3-5 generations of a drug, red spider resistance will appear, and it will gradually become difficult to kill.

5. Netting protection

After the outbreak of red spider mites, once the web is formed, the spider web can play the role of windproof, rainproof and anti-pesticide, which will make it difficult for the agrochemical to penetrate.

6. Difficult to kill all

The red spider itself has few natural enemies and small individuals. After the leaves grow vigorously, the spray is difficult to penetrate, and it is easy to have less spray and missed spray.

To overcome the red spider problem, EAVISION drone has a plan


Wuming District, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Qiaoyanglu General Orchard


In the rainy season, red spider mites are infested, and the leaves are damaged

Experts from Eavision Crop Science Department and Zhengbang Crop Protection Company Jointly set up a test team to go to the front line for prevention and management

Case analysis:

The red spider mites have been flooded in this area, and it rains more frequently during this time period, leaving farmers with a relatively short spraying time. The plot is complex, there are many telephone poles, many bamboo poles, the trees are old and the canopy is thick. Manual spraying cannot penetrate, and it is recommended to use drones for plant protection.


NumberApplicatorAgrochemicalDosage (multiple)The amount of liquid applied per mu
1EA-20XScheme 1. 115 ml of fumite (45% biphenyl. etoxazole)

Scheme 2. 115 ml of acetazolidine

Scheme 3: Abamectin 200ml + Fluazinam 115ml Scheme 4: 40% biphenyl. etoxazole (Zhengbang Pharmacy)
Both are 55 times6 liters

Medication effect

Flight data: Set flight parameters

Spray: On

Turning Spray: On

Obstacle avoidance spray: turn off the spray

Flow: 6000ml/

Sweep: off

Sweeping width: m

Spray width: 2m

Flight altitude: 2.5m

Flight speed: 1.4m/s

Takeoff height: 2.5m

Atomization level: 40um

Prevention Data:

Prevention Data Sheet
Test planLocationBefore preventionAfter prevention (first day)Calculation of prevention effect (%)
Fumite (45% Bifenazate. Etoxazole) 115mlEast Tree 1 (5 leaves)8093.55
Nan Tree 1 (5 leaves)71
West Tree 1 (5 leaves)132
North tree 1 (5 leaves)130
East Tree 2 (5 leaves)230
South tree 2 (5 leaves)210
West Tree 2 (5 leaves)405
North tree 2 (5 leaves)302
Acetaxel 115mlEast Tree 3 (5 leaves)33393.29
Nan Tree  3 (5 leaves)574
West Tree 3 (5 leaves)378
North tree 3 (5 leaves)00
East Tree 4 (5 leaves)803
Nan Tree  4 (5 leaves)391
West Tree 4 (5 leaves)521
North tree 4 (5 leaves)00
Abamectin 200ml + Fluazinam 115mlEast Tree 5 (5 leaves)17191.41
Nan Tree  5 (5 leaves)407
West Tree 5 (5 leaves)292
North tree 5 (5 leaves)00
East Tree 6 (5 leaves)251
South Tree 6 (5 leaves)410
West Tree 6 (5 leaves)113
North tree 6 (5 leaves)00
40% biphenyl. etoxazoleEast Tree 7 (5 leaves)34187.44
South tree 7 (5 leaves)222
West Tree 7 (5 leaves)273
North tree 7 (5 leaves)585
East Tree 8 (5 leaves)446
Nan Tree  8 (5 leaves)107
West Tree 8 (5 leaves)203
North tree 8 (5 leaves)00


Doctor's Order

1. Starscream is mainly for prevention

In the early stage of the occurrence of red spiders (when there are 3~4 red spiders on each leaf), in order to reduce the base number of red spiders and the difficulty of control in the later stage, you can spray with long-lasting insect eggs and pesticides. If the outbreak of red spider mites is serious or to increase the duration of the effect, the dosage can be increased.

2. Rotate the use of agrochemical

Avoid using the same agent more than twice in a row, otherwise it is easy to resist.

3. Reduce the use of copper preparations

In areas with severe red spider mites, minimize the use of inorganic copper preparations and use organic copper preparations instead, such as thiophanate copper.

4. Balanced fertilization

Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer will make plants grow easily, so when applying base fertilizer after fruit picking in autumn, pay attention to the ratio of nitrogen to potassium and carbon to nitrogen. For orchards with too many young shoots, apply less nitrogen fertilizer and more potassium fertilizer and organic fertilizer. When it is prosperous for a long time, it can be sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate 100 times to control the prosperousness and promote the maturity of new shoots.