EAVISION Drone Sprayer for Pomelo Plant Protection Application

发布时间:2022-11-15 10:54:54

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Pomelo has been cultivated in China for more than 3,000 years. The subtropical monsoon climate zone south of the Yangtze River has humid air, suitable temperature, and many mountains and hills. Pomelo grows everywhere.

Mr. Li is a large local pomelo planter. The 500 acres pomelo orchard used to rely on 18 workers to work together. After the introduction of acre drones to solve plant protection needs, only 8 workers can assist in picking fruit and other operations. Save 400,000 to 500,000 yuan labor costs.

At night, Mr. Li used the EAVISION drone to carry out the night flight fluorescent agent spraying test. The following is the measured effect of spraying:

It can be observed that the EAVISION UAV is sprayed with mist, the droplets are fine and uniform, and the penetrating ability can reach the bottom leaves of the fruit tree, and spraying directly on the peel will not cause rust spots and phytotoxicity. Mr. Li told us: "In the past, it was a huge expense to bag 500 acres of pomelo, but now it can be saved."

Jiangxi Runzhi Agriculture has taken over the plant protection task of 1,000 acres of pomelo orchards from fruit farmers. According to Mr Liu of Runzhi Agriculture, the leaves of local pomelo trees are larger than those of navel orange trees. Many fruit farmers are worried that drones will not be able to penetrate them.

After inspection, the EAVISION drone was used to apply agrochemical throughout the year, and the fruit and leaves of grapefruit were free from pests and diseases. Compared with manual work, the EAVISION UAV has higher operation efficiency, more accurate and effective spraying, and dispersion of the drug mist, and all leaves and fruits can be evenly sprayed.

"Its mist droplets are very fine, so it can be said to be pervasive," commented the grower. After many plant protection, the fruit farmers dispelled their doubts and handed over the orchard to the EAVISION drone with confidence.

In hilly and mountainous fruit tree areas, the degree of mechanization is low, and the control effect of artificial spraying is poor, resulting in a large amount of economic losses every year due to insufficient control. The application of EAVISION UAV has made red spider and other pests and diseases nowhere to hide, making up for the shortcomings of local agricultural mechanization, and using technology to promote rural revitalization.