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Although drone plant protection has been widely used in the country, many growers still have doubts about it, whether the effect is good or not, and will it hurt the fruit? Is it possible to cure such a fast-onset disease as red spider mites?


In the past year, EAVISION went to users to learn about their experience and experience in using drones for plant protection, and will organize and share representative and innovative solutions one after another.




"Red spiders can be prevented, but there are other diseases and insect pests that cannot be prevented." This is Mr Liu standard for determining that the EAVISION plant protection drone is competent for orchard management.


As we all know, red spider mites are extremely stubborn citrus pests and diseases. Because of their fast reproduction, they often hide on the back of leaves and are prone to drug resistance, which makes it difficult to control and cause great harm.




The normal temperature mist spraying system of EAVISION UAV can effectively make the liquid adhere to the front and back sides of the leaves through "wind and fog synchronization", and cooperate with its imitation function to reduce the drift of mist droplets. shape.


For fruit farmers, being able to fly autonomously in complex orchard terrain is the threshold for choosing plant protection tools, and being able to control pests and diseases is a basic requirement. Whether the harvested fruit is smooth and bright is the final answer sheet for one-year planting management.




The mist nozzles equipped by EAVISION not only ensure the effect of plant protection, but also maintain the "face value" of the fruit. In 2021, it has been verified that the CCMS normal temperature mist will not cause damage to the skin of the fruit through the Apple "no bagging" experiment and other methods.