Yunnan Citrus | Farmers Manage Orchards to Save 300,000 a Year

发布时间:2022-07-21 17:24:21

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When it comes to the management of citrus orchards, red spiders and labor shortages are always the most troublesome problems for everyone, so how to manage citrus orchards cost-effectively and efficiently is an important issue.


Mr. Li has more than 20 years of experience in citrus planting. At present, he can manage insect pests in a 200-mu citrus orchard by himself. After introducing efficient tools, he can save about 300,000 yuan in management costs a year.




In the face of red spider mite pests, when there are 6 or 7 workers working in a 200-mu citrus orchard located in the mountains, it is necessary to apply pesticides every day to barely suppress the red spider reproduction. The waste of water and medicine is harmful to the health of workers.




After using the EAVISION agriculture drone, the application can be completed in one and a half to two days. The unique normal temperature mist spray nozzle is used for spraying. The wind and mist can easily penetrate the canopy of the fruit tree. The control effect of the front and back of the leaves is obvious. The ability to fly also significantly improves plant protection efficiency.


Mr. Li's orchard uses EAVISION agriculture drones, which can save 200,000 workers' wages and 50,000-60,000 yuan drug costs a year. In addition to the economic losses caused by the reduction of fruit production due to diseases and insect pests, it can save about 300,000 yuan a year. cost.




The most important thing is that during the harvest, the skin of the citrus is clean and translucent, and there is no drug spot damage. This kind of fruit can truly make users feel at ease and satisfied.