Heilongjiang | Rice Operation Opens a New Era of Agriculture for One Household and One Machine

发布时间:2022-07-21 17:14:14

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Northeast China is an important agricultural base in China, cultivating a large area of plain field crops. As an important food crop in China, mechanization and intelligence in its production process have gradually become a new trend.


In Jixi City, Heilongjiang, from the sowing of seeds in spring, to the application of anti-green fertilizer and fork fertilizer in June, to weeding and disease prevention and yield increase in July, EAVISION agriculture drones participated in the whole process. According to the feedback from local pilots and growers, the seeds sown by EAVISION agriculture drones have good seedling emergence, uniform spraying of chemicals, high operation efficiency, and multi-functional applications of fertilizer spreading, sowing and spraying.


In the Northeast region, with the increase in the amount of work, drones have become an indispensable tool for operation. It is understood that about 800 drones are sold every year in Hulin alone. It can be seen that the wisdom of plain fields has gradually penetrated into various places. Smart machinery assists people in completing a large number of planting and plant protection work, and liberates farmers from heavy agricultural work. It is the great change brought by science and technology.


From bare-handed rice transplanting, iron hoeing to the integration of unmanned aerial vehicle sowing and spraying, the ancient industry of agriculture, driven by the power of science and technology, is undergoing profound changes in the pattern. More and more regions have ushered in a new era of one machine for each household. The popularity of drones is a manifestation of the advancement of technology in the development of modern agriculture. Whether at home or abroad, liberating production labor, reducing operational pressure, and exploring more intelligent management solutions will be our goals in the future.