True Intelligence, True Protection

The E-A2020 is a leading plant protection drone with world-leading stereo vision perception technology. With sensitive perception and autonomous obstacle avoidance, E-A2020 ensures safe and precise flying without the need to survey plots in complex environments.

Autonomous agricultural drone E-A2020's stereo vision camera Autonomous agricultural drone E-A2020's stereo vision effect and demonstration

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

With a 120-degree wide angle stereo vision, the E-A2020 avoids fixed and moving obstacles in high speed ensuring personal and flight safety. It can avoid utility poles, trees, vehicles in the field, or other drones and most importantly, safely avoids people or animals. Along with 3D map representation technology and online calibration, the E-A2020 requires no need to survey plots guaranteeing high efficiency with minimal preparation.

From Low Terrain to High Trees

Operates as low as


up to


above the canopy

Autonomous flight of steep slopes up to


With a terrain following error of

E-A2020 Drone Signal

Precise Positioning with No Fear of Signal Loss

Equipped with a network RTK and mobile RTK base station. Even when the signal is weak or lost, the E-A2020 can continue to fly safely and accurately for 2 minutes.

World Pioneering Mist Spray System

Mist Spray System supports adjustable droplet sizes ranging from 20 to 250 microns to meet the needs of different crops. The droplet size has a bimodal distribution especially suited for thick canopy crops.

Precise Spray Flow Rate Control

Real-time flow rate matching with independent control of droplet size and flow rate.

Variety of Nozzles

Suitable for centrifugal, mist, and pressure nozzles.

Customized Operation with App

Includes access to customer management system and survey app.

Convenient to Carry

Easy Maintenance

The newest design of the E-A2020 creates a foldable body for easy storage, quick-assembly, and repair. Made with high-strength carbon fibre, this 16kg drone can be transported by a single person. An IP67 rating allows for convenient cleaning with water with no risk of damage.

E-A2020, crop spraying drone

Intelligent Power Management System

With a slow battery heating process and immediate cooling, the system requires no water-cooling and ensures a longer battery life.

Fully charged battery in

18 minutes

Within the warranty period,

560 charge cycles

E-A2020 drone's battery component

E-A2020 Package

E-A2020 drone

Package comes with:

E-A2020 Drone

2 Batteries


Ground Station

Survey Module


Product Version

Model: 3WWDZ-15C
Spray: Centrifugal or Mist Nozzle


Working: 1430 x 1190 x 510 mm
Transporting: 920 x 650 x 520 mm


Total: 24.1 kg
Take-off: 39.1 kg


Material: Nylon & Carbon Fibre
Diameter: 881 mm


KV Value: 110 r/(min · V)
Capacity: 1400 W

Chemical Tank

Material: PE
Capacity: 15 L


Voltage: 48.75 V
Capacity: 20000 mAh

Liquid Pump

Type: Diaphragm Pump
Flow Rate: 3.5 L/min