Autonomous Crop Protection Vehicle

Automate Fieldwork with a Simple and Efficient Operation

With a combination of artificial intelligence and globally leading stereo vision perception technology, this agricultural machinery can fertilize and effectively spray on crops without manual operation.

agricultural crop protection vehicle side view

Safely Navigates Crops with No Supervision

After identifying the operational boundaries, the Autonomous Crop Protection Vehicle can automatically plan and navigate its own path. It turns with ease, brakes automatically, and can return to its original spot all on its own. With EAVision technology, the vehicle actively avoids obstacles within its path ensuring a safe navigation while seamlessly crossing over furrows.

agricultural crop protection vehicle works in the field

Minimal Seedling Damage Design

Unlike conventional ground plant protection machines, the Autonomous Crop Protection Vehicle is designed with a narrow wheel to ensure no damage to seedlings. The likelihood of the vehicle to come into contact with a seedling is as low as three thousandths.

agricultural crop protection vehicle cartoon version

Consistent Crop Coverage

The Autonomous Crop Protection Vehicle automatically controls spraying to ensure an even spread across the field. Dosage of the spray can be adjusted from 46 - 225 L per hectare to care for different crops. The vehicle is suitable in both wet and dry fields and can operate with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and water-soluble fertilizers.

Mbile controller front and back image

Mobile Remote Control Access

Includes a remote-control system to operate the vehicle and provides a real-time monitoring in the palm of your hands. With our easy-to-learn system, you can set up and expertly operate the machine in a single day.

Autonomous Crop Protection Vehicle System Includes

satellite signal icon

GPS, RTK High-Precision Positioning System

eye icon

Visual Perception Measurement System

controller system icon

Vehicle Travel Control System

signal icon

Communication Transmission System

An Efficient and Eco-friendly Alternative

This vehicle can function at a rate of 2 - 6 hectares per hour and cover more than 100 hectares per day. With our low energy consumption technology and lithium battery power with up to 8 hours of battery life, this energy saving design helps not only save water and crop chemicals, but also reduces pesticide residues and environmental pollution.

Lightweight and Powerful

agricultural crop protection vehicle side view