EA-30X All-terrain Sensing Intelligent Drone

Focus on Efficient
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  • Binocular Environment Perception Technology
    Triple Guarantee
  • Bimodal Mist Spray Nozzle
    Work Day and Night
  • Power Upgrade
    30KG Payload
  • 5C Charge Mode
    More Efficient with Two Batteries and One Charge

Binocular Environment Perception Technology (EAvision4.0)

After more than 6 years, more than billions of fieldwork pictures have been collected
covering more than forty crops in the plains, hills and mountains
With the fusion of millimeter wave radar and lidar
the response speed of attitude flight and climb control is increased to within 0.2 seconds.

Lighting System In Night Flight(EANLS)

The brightness of 5 meters reaches 700 LUX, and the binoculars work independently day and night

Bimodal Mist Spray Nozzle CCMS

Adjustable droplet size ranging form 20 to 250 microns
New waterproof structure, the service life of the nozzle is increased
Quad-rotor wind field, double-peak particle size, good penetration of small droplets,
thoroughly penetrate various thick canopy vegetation

New Precision Spray System

Large flow diaphragm pump, 0.5L-10L/min
Ultrasonic flowmeter, flow error is less than 5%

Ultra-low Profiling Flight Enhances the Effect of Plant Protection

The distance to the crop canopy is as low as 0.7 meters, which shortens the droplet settlement distance
Reduce evaporation and drift, and enhance droplet penetration

Spot and Precise Spraying
Intelligent Path Planning

Fixed-point accurate spraying function, automatically calibrates the target crop image, or based on the prescription map, accurate spray within a radius of 0.5 meters;
multiple take-off and landing points intelligent path planning, reducing the full and empty-load invalid flight time, and improving operation efficiency more than 30%, time-saving and efficient!

A New Generation of Navigation and Control System

The global offline mode with a single base station covering an area of 2024 hectare
In the case of RTK disconnection, sustainable and safe flight

No Maintenance of Battery, 5C Cycle Charge

The smart battery is maintenance-free and guarantees unlimited use within one year (short circuit, fire, overcharge, over-current protection);
Equipped with a new generation of smart charger, the fastest 5C (145A) charge can be fully charged within 8~10 minutes of flight operation time


Maximum Wheelbase 2200mm Dimensions
(Arm Folded)
1260mm × 630mm × 620mm
Maximum Take-off Weight 67kg Dimensions
(Arms Unfolded, Propellers Unfolded)
2350mm × 2760mm × 620mm
Capacity 30L Net Weight 35kg
(With Battery)
Effective Spray Width 7-8M Hover Time 22.7 Minutes without Load, 8.3 Minutes with Full Load
Atomized Particle Size 20-250μm Battery Capacity 29000mAh
Protection Level of the Whole Machine IP67 Charge Time 8-10 Minutes